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Poopie, I don't disagree with you on much ever. If I was a lady I could be your twin.
One difference, I quit smoking over 30 years ago now. A major crisis might get me lit up again, still, but I hope not.

You made me a little sad, my son, age 45 plus just got divorced this spring. He is in the first stage you were, worrying about being alone for the rest of his life.
He really is a good guy, he didn't deserve all the hell he got. And he is MY kid.


You're lookin for Clint Eastwood aren't you. Silent type with money.
No seriously a lot to digest here. You don't need advice. I'll just observe. Is that a voyeur?


I like this place. I think I might want to come back :)


OK. I found your new home. I've updated my blogroll. I knew you weren't really going to go away forever. You wouldn't do that to us would you.


Beauty. I love you and your new home. :)

AND I think this is one of THE smartest things anyone has EVER said:
" I believe we will only find peace and understanding through tolerance and empathy".
Tell it, sistah. :)

Miss Cellania

Is this where you're going to be writing now? Should I subscribe here?


Like your new place Poopie.

Yeah - everything comes out in the wash with kids,eventually, I reckon.


I am so glad I clicked this link, Poopie! I don't disagree with much you say either, and I quit smoking a long time ago too, but most eerything else is copascetic!


I'm glad I took the time to read this, Poops.

--you know time is at a premium with me right now--

I wish there were more people in the world like you. I know how trite that sounds, but I mean it with all my heart.


You are one cool, classy lady, Miss Janie.

Zoots Mom

Love it Poopie...I so enjoy reading you so I'm glad I found it......Thanks


That thar is some of the purtiest writing I done ever read. Love ya sweetie.

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