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Hey, the link works now! Nice site.. is this going to replace the other one, or do I need to add both?

Great story. I can totally relate to the "right under the nose" thing.


That's a nice story, sad but nice.


That's a nice story, sad but nice.


You're a great writer. Period. Humor or serious. I like it all. :)


It's a wonderful beginning Janie.

I'll catch you again...Later.


Janie, I love the whole idea of this place. There are so many things that I want to write about, but feel limited due to the amount of friends and family that read my space. They wouldn't understand nor would they care, which is exactly why I won't post some things. If you are sure that you want to share these things with us, then I will be right here reading.

Don't regret the "later" guy, everything happens for a reason and at the risk of sounding cliche, maybe someday his "later" will be your "now". Some things are meant to be and others are meant to be done.

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