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I think that happens more than we would like to admit. I once went to the lab for a lower GI tract xray (requiring an enema) and I was asked to drink that horrible stuff. I knew it was supposed to go in the other end - so I challenged the techs. Seems they had me listed as a male who needed an upper GI series. Somebody didn't read the spec sheet, I think.

Sorry you had to go through that Poopie. Maybe that experience will make everyone heave to a little better.


The thing is? I think it's vert important that you're satisfied that you did *your* best in the journey.

I'd love to get out of corporate America and just work for myself. I know I can always count on me, but I *always* question being able to count on others.

What an icky experience for you to go through. I hope some good lessons were learned by other people.



Your compassion for the woman who dies is truly admirable. We all know that your heart is in the right place poopie. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to be involved in a workplace where people die when mistakes are made. The worst thing that happens when mistakes are made inmy workplacem is that someone loses some money, not a life. Keep your compassion and your focus, you obviously care deeply for the people you help, they need you.

old horsetail snake

Well, gee. I want one of those no-stick-hurt blood drawings from you. Even if you don't need the blood.


No matter how much we may try to blame ourself or others, ultimately no one can play God except God. He decides who, when, and how. Rest assured it was her time, and you did your best as one of the players in the big picture.

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