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Well written, my friend. Very moving, reading it thru Mom eyes.


This mother relates very well to this. Well done, Poopie!


That was beautiful, I enjoyed reading it and it gave me an idea of what mothers go through. *hugs*


Very, very nice. The bond between us mothers and our daughters has all sorts of twists and edges but at the root of it all, deep and abiding love. You've certainly conveyed that.

Joe Cool Cowboy Poet

Great post as always. Love the combination of both of her parents making one wonderful young person.

Hugs, love and prayers.


As her momma you get lots of credit for making such a wonderful person.

old horsetail snake

Love is a many splintery thing.


Beautifully wrought- she shines through in this piece of writing, as do you Janie. Thank you for a wonderful read. "many splintery" indeed. I'm smiling.


My bond with my daughter is something that could never be touched by anyone, even her brothers. I love them all equally yet there are different things that hold each of those relationships together. My daughter though, thats' another story. She is me, shorter, younger and everything I wished I could have been at her age. SHe is the wiser one of the two of us, since her father and I formed her to be something stronger than either of us from an early age. I cannot even express my emotions when it comes to her, we are two rocks standing side by side, one just a tad more weathered than the other.

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